213 area code

We hope you have landed here searching for 213 area code. Well, we will definitely help you will all relevant

213 area code

We hope you have landed here searching for 213 area code. Well, we will definitely help you will all relevant information on area code 213.

Where is 213 area code?

The 213 area code is located in the state of California, specifically covering a significant portion of downtown Los Angeles. It’s one of the original area codes established in California when the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) was created in 1947. Over the years, as population growth and increased telecommunications demand occurred, additional area codes were introduced to serve the greater Los Angeles area, but 213 remains significant as one of the original area codes for the region.

How many cities does 213 area code covers?

Area code 213 primarily covers the downtown area of Los Angeles, California, and some surrounding neighborhoods. It covers around 8 cities which are as given below:

  1. Los Angeles,
  2. Burbank,
  3. Montebello,
  4. Gardena,
  5. Huntington Park,
  6. Sherman Oaks,
  7. Sun Valley,
  8. Van Nuys,

Some of the major neighborhoods and districts within Los Angeles that fall under area code 213 include downtown Los Angeles, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, the Arts District, Historic Core, and parts of Echo Park and Westlake.

When do you use the area code 213?

Area code 213 is used when dialing phone numbers within the geographic area it serves, which primarily includes downtown Los Angeles and some surrounding areas in Southern California. You would typically use the 213 area code when making local calls to phone numbers within this specific region.

For example, if you were in downtown Los Angeles and wanted to call a local business or resident within the same area, you would dial the 10-digit phone number with the area code included. So, the format for dialing a local number within the 213 area code would be:

213-XXX-XXXX (for example, 213-555-1234)

However, if you were dialing a number outside the 213 area code, such as to another part of Los Angeles with a different area code or to a different city or state, you would need to include the appropriate area code for that location.

What is the logic behind 213 area code?

The logic behind the area code 213, like many other area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), is rooted in a combination of historical and technical factors.

  1. Geographic Area: When the North American Numbering Plan was established in 1947, area code 213 was one of the original three area codes assigned to California. At that time, it covered the entire southern and central parts of the state, including the Los Angeles metropolitan area.
  2. Population Density: The 213 area code served as the primary area code for the densely populated downtown Los Angeles area. As the city grew, the demand for telephone numbers increased, leading to the need for additional area codes to serve different parts of the region.
  3. Splitting and Overlaying: Over time, as the population continued to grow and telecommunications technology advanced, area code 213 was split multiple times to create new area codes to serve specific regions. For example, area code 310 was created in 1991 to serve the western part of Los Angeles County, while area code 323 was created in 1998 to serve portions of central Los Angeles.
  4. Conservation of Numbers: The introduction of new area codes, such as 310 and 323, helped conserve telephone numbers by reducing the strain on the existing area code (213) and ensuring an adequate supply of numbers for future use.

Overall, the logic behind the area code 213 was based on the need to efficiently allocate telephone numbers to serve the growing population and geographic area of downtown Los Angeles while also maintaining the integrity of the numbering plan.

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