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The Uchiha Clan is one of the most powerful and prominent clans of the Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village). Even though it was one of the noble clans, it also went through ups and downs from generations as the Uchiha Clan faced some serious destruction.

Uchiha Clan’s History

Uchiha Clan are the posterity of the elder son of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. They are the direct descendants of Indra, the elder son of Hagoromo other than Asura. The Uchiha clan suffered from the seal that is called the Curse of Hatred.

This cursed seal came into existence and descended till generations when Indra started looking Asura with jaundiced eyes after the latter was selected as the successor. Since then the Uchiha clan had a regular feud and rivalry with the Senju clan for years that descended from the Asura.

The enmity continued for centuries between the Uchiha and Senju clan even though none knew the sole reason of the rivalry. An epoch later the powerful leader of the Uchiha clan Madara Uchiha signed a peace treaty with his childhood friend and the leader of Senju clan Hashirama Senju to end the constant war in order to prevent the upcoming generations from fighting.

They together formed a village on the Land of Fire that came to be known as Konhagakure. But with the passing time, Madara interpreted that the Uchiha clan is being outclassed or ignored by the Senju clan by overpowering them out of governing matters. So Madara fought with Hashirama one on one when the latter was selected as the first hokage by the villagers. He lost the feud and went into hiding by faking his death. Years later when the village was attacked by Nine-Tails, villagers suspected the Uchiha clan behind the attack because of their ability to control Nine-Tails with Sharingan.

They outcast the Uchiha clan and made them live on the outskirts of the Konoha. This angered the Uchiha and they started conspiring against the village. Amidst all this, Itachi Uchiha served as a betrayer when he joined hands with the Konoha’s leadership. And later he mass killed all of his clan members only leaving his younger brother Sasuke alive. At last only three members of the clan survived the Uchiha massacre which includes Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha and Obito Uchiha who was a follower of Madara’s ideals. 

Years later Sasuke left the village to avenge his parents and the other clan members’ death by killing Itachi. However after successfully killing his brother Itachi, Sasuke came to know the real true story behind his brother’s cruel actions and realised the reason behind Itachi’s sacrifice. So he returned to Konoha to protect the villagers. He served as the sole alive member of the Uchiha clan and also was responsible for re-establishing the Uchiha clan by marrying and having a child. 

Uchiha Clan Members

  • Madara Uchiha(Leader)
  • Izuna Uchiha(Madara’s younger brother)
  • Tajima Uchiha(father of Madara and Izuna)
  • Obito Uchiha(Madara’s follower)
  • Fugaku Uchiha(captain of Konoha Military Police Force)
  • Mikoto Uchiha(wife of Fugaku)
    • Itachi Uchiha(elder son of Fugaku)
    • Sasuke Uchiha(younger son Fugaku)
      • Sarada Uchiha (daughter of Sasuke)

Other Members of the Uchiha Clans

  1. Shisui Uchiha
  2. Inabi Uchiha
  3. Setsuna Uchiha
  4. Yakumi Uchiha
  5.  Yashiro Uchiha
  6. Uruchi Uchiha
  7. Teyaki Uchih

Uchiha Clan Abilities

Uchiha Clan members inherited their powerful chakra and spiritual prowess from their ancestor Indra. They are known for their kekkei genkai. Clan members possessed exceptional nature release transformation and ninja skills. 

 Uchiha Clan Eye Power


Sharingan is a dōjutsu with a genetic ability of eye power. It means a copy eye wheel.  Uchiha with the Sharingan eyes allow them to see the world differently. The Sharingan has three stages. Each stage adds an additional tomoe and grants more power and effectiveness. One of the passive abilities of Sharingan is to see more pictures per second.

The possessor of Sharingan also gives the ability to cognize between the different kinds of Chakra flows of the opponents. Another great advantage of Sharingan ability is that the wielder can copy any jutsu technology after it is performed just one time and can also learn to cast the genjutsu. 

Mangekyō Sharingan

Mangekyō Sharingan is translated to Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel. It is an advanced form of Sharingan. It is totally related to emotions. Mangekyō Sharingan is only awakened when the possessor suffers from emotional trauma. The poignant feeling of losing a beloved person add a special ability for each eye like-

  • Amaterasu: an upgraded level of fire release which shoots out fiery black flames that are said to be sustained for a whole week. It completely destroys everything by burning the surrounding to ash. 
  • Tsukuyomi: is one of the strongest genjutsu of all time. It is an illusionary dōjutsu that creates an imaginary semblance in others mind usually to torture the target. Tsukuyomi displays days of hallucinations in just a few seconds. It requires a lot of chakra amount by the user. 
  • Susanoo: is like a guardian to the user who surrounds the user and acts as a protective shield. It completely moves on the will of the wielder and fights on his behalf. 

Uchiha Clan Jutsu

FireBall Technique

The Great Fireball Technique is the signature skill of Uchihas. The user of this technique pummels their own chakra into fire flames and spit a giant fireball out of their mouth towards the target. Most of the time the shape of the balls is indefinite. The members of Uchiha clan are only recognised when they possess fireball technique at a young age. This giant fire orb hits the target causing extensive burns and finishes off the surrounding. 

Uchiha Kaenjin

Uchiha Kaenjin or Uchiha Flame formation is a barrier Ninjutsu of burning flares. The user forms the fire flames on the fingertips of one hand by using their chakra and then bash the palm on the land. This creates a large terete of fire enclosing a determined space. The quality of Uchiha flame is that it serves as a protector for the thing inside the terete and incinerates everything that comes in contact with it. The notable point is that it only blazes something that touches it on the exterior side of kaenjin. 

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