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The movie list of 2022 kicks off with an action-driven large-scale spy movie in The 355. With an all-star, female-led ensemble (and Sebastian Stan), The 355 looks like a global trot, full of excitement. The movie is for.

In the past few years, there have been many interesting works in this female spy movie, especially “Atomic Blond” starring Charlize Theron, Melissa McCarthy’s comedy spy, and of course, the comic starring Scarlett Johansson. Weihei Widow. Can 355 join the ranks of these movies? The following is what we know about 355.

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The 355 Full Movie Watch Online 2022

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 The 355 Full Movie Watch Online

In the world of James Bond, Jason Byrne, and Kingsman, international female spies (or spies) are a bit rare, aren’t they? But maybe this is what makes them more exciting. Mason “Metz” Brown and her team of five agents from five different countries clarified the records here. 355 tells the story of Brown (Jessica Chastain), a CIA agent disaster. Brown collaborated with five other top international agents from all over the world to begin a mission to retrieve weapons before the enemy could do anything. This is how these strange women will save the world.

The 355 Full Movie Watch Online 2022

 The 355 Full Movie Watch Online 2022 HD

355 is based on the story of Theresa Rebeck, who also participated in the screenwriting of the film. It is directed by Simon Kimberg (“Black Phoenix”, “Deadpool”), who also served as co-producers on the project with Jessica Chastain and Kelly Carmichael.

When these bad women start a high-intensity mission from one continent to another, cheer up and make the world safer. From plot details to release dates, trailers, actors and characters, here is all the information we have found so far about the upcoming action spy thriller.

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 The 355 Full Movie HD Watch Online 2022

Universal Pictures UK released its first official trailer on October 6, 2021. On October 8, 2021, Universal Pictures released the second trailer. Both trailers guarantee explosive global espionage. In the first trailer, we learned that in the past, whenever a war broke out, countries knew their enemy, but now, in the world we live in, the enemy is invisible, unknown, and always elusive. . With the click of a button, the country can collapse and cease to exist. The first segment introduces Agent Brown and how she established her team of the best female international spies from all over the world, who will stop the common enemy from launching the Third World War at all costs. The second trailer reveals the background story of Agent 355. The promo also introduces the roles played by Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez, both of whom seem to support female bands, even if it means challenging them from time to time . From what we have seen so far, it looks like a very promising movie with a lot of action, excitement, spying skills, not to mention a series of cutting-edge gadgets and gadgets to help the team realize them. The goal. It is sleek, stylish, and super chic, not necessarily in the same order.

The 355 Full Movie Watch Online 2022

 The 355 Full Movie 2022 Watch Online

355 was originally scheduled to be released on January 15, 2021. However, due to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions, the release was postponed to January 14, 2022. Finally, the date has been moved forward by one week. Now, this action thriller is scheduled to be released on January 7, 2022.

The full female cast of The 355 is a highlight of the film and it is definitely worth looking forward to.

Oscar-nominated Jessica Chastain (zero darkness thirty years old, help) and iconic Penelope Cruz (Vickie Christina Barcelona, nine years old), Diane Kruger (Troy, shameless bastard), Lupita Nyongao (12 years as a slave, Panthers) and Fan Bingbing (X-Men: The Days in the Future, Iron Man 3), in the protagonists. Ensemble actors also include Sebastian Stein (Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: The Winter Soldier), Edgar Ramirez (Girl on the Train, Hornets Network), Emilio Ying Solera, Jason Huang, John Douglas Thompson, Sitten Patel, Leo Starr and Oleg Kricunova (Oleg Kricunova), among others.

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The 355 Full Movie Watch Online 2022

 The 355 Movie Watch Online 2022

The 355 star-studded canvas explores some very powerful and talented women and men. Here is a quick tour of the roles:

  • Jessica Chastain plays Mason “Mace” Brown, a CIA agent who does not openly recruit a team to discover and stop an international terrorist organization. Brown believes that this group possesses (or is about to possess) a very powerful and deadly weapon that can end the world.
  • Lupita Nyong’o as Khadijah-a former MI6 agent. According to Brown, Kadige is a serious, outspoken woman, the best computer expert in the world, and her cutting-edge technical skills can help Brown achieve her mission.
  • Diane Kruger (Diane Kruger) plays Marie Schmidt (Marie Schmidt)-she is a competitor of BND (German Federal Intelligence Agency), she knows her guns, and is very good at using them. She eventually cooperated with Brown on the mission.
  • Penelope Cruz as Graciela-a skilled psychologist who works with the Colombian intelligence agency DNI. As a skilled agent and psychologist, Graciela is different from other agents. She is the mother of two children and has not received training in the field, but Brown and her team will ensure that Graciela catches up.
  • Fan Bingbing plays Lin Misheng, a mysterious Chinese MSS agent who keeps track of Brown and her team’s every move. In the end, she also joined forces with them to defeat their common enemy.
  • Sebastian Stan plays Nick – a CIA agent and Brown’s colleague. There may or may not be a romantic angle between the two.

Other major roles include Edgar Ramirez as Luis, DNI agent, Emilio Insolera as Hacker, Jason Wong as Stevens, and John Douglas Thompson as Larry Marks. Hiten Patel played Ahmed-Imam, Leo Staar played Grady, and Oleg Kricunova played Pyotr Khasanov.

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The 355 Full Movie Watch Online 2022

 The 355 Full Movie Free Online 2022

The name and concept of the movie comes from this historical trivia. Agent 355 is the code name for a female spy of the Patriots during the American Revolution. She is a member of Culper Ring (a spy network organized by Benjamin Tallmadge and George Washington). Agent 355 was one of the earliest spies in the United States. When decrypted from the system used by the network, the number is converted to “Ms.”. No one knows the original woman behind 355, and her true identity is still unknown to this day.

It is also believed that Code 355 is not just a specific woman, but any female spy who has useful information and does not work publicly at all. As Chastain explained in an interview, “For many women working in the CIA and other similar organizations, Code 355 is a common slang term for female spies.” It is obvious from the plot and promotional film that the all-female spy team inspired the name.


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The 355 Full Movie Watch Online 2022

 The 355 Movie Watch Online

355 is more than just a spy story. This is the story of five different women, each with their own struggles, challenges and responsibilities. But they all found common ground in the same goal-to save the world and do what they needed to do, so that others would wake up for a safer tomorrow.

The top CIA agent Mason “Maes” Brown learned that the world was in imminent danger and asked her boss for help. Instead, she was asked to cancel the record and complete the task. Brown hunted down the best agents she knew from different countries. Soon, agents from Britain, Colombia and Germany joined forces with her. At the same time, a Chinese agent was tapping their movements and observing the development of the situation. It can be seen from the trailer that the Chinese agent will also become a member of the Dream Team-355.

“From the cafes in Paris to the markets in Morocco, to the wealth and charm of Shanghai”, these five women embarked on an explosive and dynamic mission, either to save the world or give their lives, or both Of. This will be very fun!

You can watch movie on Amazon Prime, Netflix.

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