Shikadai Nara Wiki

Shikadai Nara is the heir to the Nara clan. He is a Chūnin who is trusted with B-rank missions. Shikadai is also a member of Team Moegi or Team 10 which comprises the 17th generation of Ino-Shika-Chō. He is a lovable child of his parents. He attributed his attitude from his mother Temari and the laziness from father Shikamaru.

Shikadai Nara History

Shikadai is the only child of his parents and the successor of his clan Nara. His father adores him as he let him out to explore the World on his own at a very young age. Shikadai used to spend time with his father during training. He is an intelligent student but lazy at the same time as using his brain power. Shikadai had a childhood friend named Mirai Sarutobi with whom he developed a sibling-like relationship gradually over the years. He used to practice with her and also help her in the training of her genjutsu. In the academy, he was close friends with Boruto Uzumaki. Shikadai was a capable student and the only one in his team to pass Chūnin exams. Later he also acquired the position of advisor to the Seventh Hokage. 

Shikadai has got the personality of being unenthusiastic and lazy as he doesn’t care about participating in various activities. But he still has the capability to get himself out of any difficult situation by quickly thinking of a solution. 

Shikadai’s Family

  • Grandfather: Shikaku Nara(paternal)
  • Grandmother: Yoshino Nara(paternal)
  • Grandfather: Rasa(maternal)
  • Grandmother: Karuro(maternal)
  • Father: Shikamaru Nara
  • Mother: Temari Nara
  • Uncle: Gaara, Kankurō
  • Distant Relatives: Shinki(brother), Yashamaru(granduncle)

Shikadai Abilities

Shikadai is a highly known member of his clan for his abilities. He easily gained excellence in his skills and powers with hard training as he already got lucky to inherit both his parent’s unique and immense powers. Shikadai was not just physically but also mentally intellectual as a strategist and a mastermind. He could carefully observe and predict the next move of a rival to get ready with countermeasures. He is a talented shinobi skilled in nature releases and jutsu. 


Shikadai started practicing Ninjutsu with his parents even before enrolling in the academy. He is a regular practitioner of Ninjutsu. That is why he was proficient in easily hitting bullseye while performing shurikenjutsu with bladed weapons. Shikadai didn’t limit himself to these and also started learning cooperation ninjutsu. He also gained access to perform fūinjutsu after a few efforts. 

Sickle Weasel Technique

Sickle Weasel Technique is a ninja technique performed using wind release. As Shikadai’s has expertise in wind release he learned to effectuate Sickle Weasel Technique at a young age while practicing it with his mother. In this, Shikadai forms a gust of wind blades by colliding the wind currents with each other. The impact of the squall is powerful enough to deluge the targets in the winds knocking them off. 

Shadow Imitation Technique

Shadow Imitation Technique is the signature skill of the Shikadai Nara. He melds his shadow with the target’s shadow by manipulating it. This enables him to control the target’s movements by controlling his shadow. The target is unable to move on his own. His Shadow Imitation Technique is perfectly skilled and he can control multiple targets at a time. 

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