Sakumo Hatake Wiki

Sakumo Hatake, famously known as the White Fang of the Leaf, was the jonin-level shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village hailing from the Hatake Clan.

Sakumo’s Background 

Sakumo Hatake was a well-known talented shinobi of Konoha. His wife died after a few years after giving birth to Kakashi, his son. Therefore, he used to look after his son with great devotion. Sakumo lived quite an exemplary life as his son idealized him. Sakumo was a proud father as his son excelled in Academy exams. When Sakumo met Might Duy and his son Guy outside the Academy once, he asked Guy to be friends with Kakashi. But since Guy failed the Academy entrance exam, Kakashi questioned Guy’s capabilities. Sakumo then warned Kakashi to not underestimate Guy and his determination for he has the capacity to surpass Kakashi in the future. 

Why Did Sakumo commited suicide?

Sakumo was sent on an important mission with his team when his son was still very young. During the mission, a few of his fellow shinobi suffered serious injuries and their lives were exposed to risk. Going against the shinobi rules, Sakumo chose to save his comrades first and was jacked in his mission. Being the reason for the mission’s failure, the senior officials and villagers of Konoha cast aspersions on Sakumo and spurned him. Unable to cope up with revilement and defamation, Sakumo slipped into the megrims causing ill effects on his abilities. Sakumo couldn’t pacify himself and committed suicide at last. 

Sakumo Meets Kakashi

After being dead, Sakumo seemed to be waiting in non-existence for his son. He met Kakashi in a dark empty space with a campfire, when the latter died for a brief moment. Sakumo asked for forgiveness from Kakashi and shared his thoughts and story of life. After Kakashi forgave him and left, Sakumo was satisfied and was ready to leave for the afterlife to meet his wife. 

Sakumo’s Abilities 

Sakumo was famed to be a powerful and refined shinobi as his skills were known to be at par with the legendary sannin. He was feared by the hostile party. Sakumo was professed with taijutsu, ninjutsu, Keninjutsu, and Kenjutsu. 


Kenjutsu is the practice of sword fighting. Sakumo was well versed with kenjutsu as he had quite a productive technique on up his sleeves. He was quick with the sword swings. He used Kenjutsu to develop a weapon of his own named  White Light Sword. Sakumo used his sword by flowing his chakra into the sword making it emit a white streak of light when swung, hence the name. This White Light Chakra Sword earned Sakumo a nickname the White Fang of the Leaf.

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