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Kurama Clan Wiki

Kurama clan is also known as Kurama Ichizoku in Japanese which translates to Saddled Horse Clan. It is the most prominent clan known for their Genjutsu skills in the shinobi world. The members of this clan are famed for their special Kekkei genkai that they possess. 

Kurama Clan’s History

Kurama Clan was initially founded in Uzushiogakure. But later after the Uzushio decimation, they transposed and settled themselves in Konoha village. He is said to have descent from Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki’s lineage. Although they don’t have much of a history as of foundation, they were widely popular and respected for their strong hold in Genjutsu which existed because of the kekkei genkai that they bore. 

One of the most famous members of the Kurama Clan was Kushina Kurama. She was dubbed as “Goddess of Genjutsu” because of her excellent flair in Genjutsu, during the Warring States period in Japan. Kushina was the leader of her clan at the time. She was good at managing the directorship of the clan.

After the end of the Warring States Era, when Madara and Hashirama solicit Kushina offering to join Konoha village, the latter refused the proposal as she didn’t want her clan to blur out and stay inferior to Senju and Uchiha clans. The offer was made multiple times, but she rejected it each time for the sake of her clan’s future reputation. Later, she was also approached by Ashina Uzumaki with the proffer of founding Uzushiogakure together with the Kurama clan. This time Kushina accepted the offer as they were one of the three noble clans during the creation of Uzushiogakure. 

For almost a decade the lives in Uzushiogakure went well, but seeing the blooming power and prosperity of the village, other towns like Iwagakure, Kumogakure, Kirigakure felt insecure of losing their eminence. Therefore they conspired against the village and perpetrated mass killings of Uzushio residents for what was known in history as the “Whirlpool Massacre”.

The Uzushio which had thousands of expert shinobi clans was left with only a few number families scattered to different places. This unfortunate incident led the Kurama clan to escape and relocate themselves in Konoha village. But with the loss of many members, the Kurama Clan lost its status as the high-class clan and was left with only a head family and two branch families. This family was headed by Murakumo Kurama in recent times. Murakumo adopted a son named Kenun and announced him as the heir of the clan after hiding his history and fabricating the birth records. 

Kurama Clan Members

  • Kushina Kurama (Former Head)
  • Murakumo Kurama (Current Head)
    • Kenun Kurama (Heir)
    • Yakumo Kurama
    • Sōun Kurama
  • Akikumo Kurama
  • Uroko Kurama
  • Miho Kurama
  • Unkai Kurama
  • Kumomine Kurama
  • Ukigumo Kurama
  • Shinonome Kurama

Kurama Clan Ability & Power

The only thing the members of Kurama Clan was known for was for their kekkei genkai prowess. Their advanced knowledge and talented ninja skills were the identity for the existence of the Kurama Clan. 


Genjutsu is like a brand mark for the Kurama Clan. Genjutsu is a jutsu technique that manipulates the chakra of the target’s cerebral nervous system. The user can steer all the five senses of the target by controlling the chakra flow of the nervous system thereby restraining the target’s movements. By doing this, Genjutsu creates an illusionary vision of the user’s choice in the target’s mind to trick them into feeling pain. The Kurama clan bloodline is known to have high skills in Genjutsu. They can control the target’s mind and create super realistic illusions to make the victim fall in their trap. They have the ability to completely take over the victim’s body and emotions and manipulate according to their will. Not only humans, but genjutsu also includes all the animals and mammals who can fall into the sensory illusions. It is believed that the Kurama Clan members are unrivalled in the case of performing genjutsu. 

String Bean Binding Illusion

String Bean Binding Illusion is the most common illusionary technique used by the Kurama Clan. In this the user creates an illusion in the target’s mind that he is surrounded and binded with bean vines and later shoves them into the air thereby distracting the target. The user then appears to emerge from the bean pod from where the user strikes to the target’s surprise. 

Summoning Technique

Summoning Technique is a jutsu that allows the user to summon animals from long far distances to their aid. The Kurama Clan members used to summon foxes. They had signed a contract with the Foxes of Mikagami Forest to allow them to summon Foxes on their will. 

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