How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

Money making apps such as Swagbucks allow you to make money from your smartphone. They can be money-saving and cash-back platforms that help you save and make money while shopping, apps that can help you manage funds and increase funds through investment, and can help you when you want to earn extra income from your side business s application.

Best 9+ Earn Money Apps For Android

1. Swagbucks

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

The Swagbucks membership platform has more than 20 million members and is considered one of the highest paid websites. The site has thousands of surveys, and they are constantly increasing. There are also opportunities to try free samples, test new products, use digital and printed coupons, and redeem special promotional codes.

Although some surveys may cost US$50, Swagbucks found that a simple general survey may only take 5 minutes and earn as much as US$1.50. Motivated Swagbucks members can expect to earn $100 per month. Those dedicated investigators spend about half an hour or more investigating each day.

Swagbucks offers cash payments, usually within one week of requesting payment, and gift cards to major brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Wal-Mart.

2. InboxDollars

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

Since starting operations in 2000, InboxDollars has paid more than $59 million in cash rewards to more than 15,000 members to complete the survey. Registering as a member is free, and once you confirm your email address, they will even give you $5. The survey platform also gives you the opportunity to participate in focus groups and test new products.

InboxDollars provides cash payments as well as gift cards and PayPal transfers. Most surveys conducted through the platform can earn you between US$0.25 and US$5, and payments are processed every Wednesday.

Other rewards include cash back when shopping online, free samples, discounts and coupon codes.

3. Opinion Outpost

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

Opinion Outpost is not an app, but it can be easily managed via a smartphone or tablet, with 350,000 subscribers and 3 million new monthly surveys every month.

To become a member, the commenter must be a U.S. resident and provide an email address. There is no cost to join, and you can answer as many surveys as you need. Surveys will be emailed to members based on your online profile, and each survey will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. For every opinion you share, Opinion Outpost will provide you with up to 50 opinions.

4. Branded Surveys

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

Branded Surveys-a market research community-will pay you gift cards or cash based on your opinions. After setting up your account (it only takes a minute), you will answer some quick questions about yourself so that they can match you with surveys that make sense for your personal demographics.

When you start participating in the survey, you will accumulate points. Once you reach 1,000 points, you can cash out through PayPal, your brand survey account, or convert your points into gift cards for Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, Gift cards from Target and other popular retailers. more. It really is that simple!

5. MyPoints

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

MyPoints members will find that they can get up to 40% cash back on the goods they purchase. Members who continuously reach their daily consumption goals can also receive reward points, ranging from 10 points for shopping for 5 consecutive days to 200 points for shopping for 21 consecutive days.

Just join the program and you will get a $10 Amazon or Visa gift card!

When you are ready to redeem your points, you will find restaurant gift cards as part of the rewards, including Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden and Applebee’s.

MyPoints is connected to Swagbucks, so points can also be redeemed through any site.

6. Capital One Shopping

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

Capital One Shopping uses real-time coupon codes to update products, so your online shopping may be cheaper than you expected. The general product search will also show you the lowest prices for items found among competitors. You can also lower the price while waiting for the big items to hit the market.

The platform is part of the Capital One shopping department and can provide you with cash back for purchases. For example, you can get 11% cash back for buying Rosetta Stone for three months, and you can get 6% cash back and 20% for buying office mask products at Office Depot. % Discount, as well as 30% JCPenney discount and 8% cash back.

Jobs Apps

7. Fiverr

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

As a resource that connects freelancers with businesses in need, Fiverr is best for those looking for writing, translation, graphics, website programming, music, audio, video, and digital marketing performances.

By creating a seller profile, talented people can show off their work and let the company know about pricing details. In this way, companies can search through a list of creative insiders to find the person who suits them best.

The buyer pays directly to Fiverr, and when the order reaches an 80% competition rate, the funds will be transferred to pending payment and available within 14 days. You can directly withdraw funds to your bank account.

Buyers may also leave comments about you and your services so that future buyers can understand your work. Just like a product, the more praise you receive, the greater the buyer’s demand for you.

8. TaskRabbit

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

For those who can provide convenient services to those in need, TaskRabbit is a website that allows you to show yourself as a handyman, delivery driver, moving service, etc.

Since income varies by task and your region, TaskRabbit will show you your average income in more than 50 categories. You keep 100% of your income and tips, and you can use TaskRabbit’s invoice and payment system.

After registering and creating a profile, TaskRabbit will verify you and you will pay a one-time registration fee. After that, set your schedule and accept work when you need it.

9. Upwork

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

Another online platform that connects people in need with people who are looking for a job is Upwork, which lists almost any job you can think of. Companies that need freelance and short-term contract work will post what they are looking for. You can search for the skills you need, but you will also have an online profile showing your identity and the services you provide.

When you see a work you like, send a proposal to the client, and they can view your profile and choose to accept you and your bid.

Once you start working, Upwork will be your platform for communicating projects, sending and receiving files, tracking time, setting deadlines, and automatically charging customers.

However, Upwork will charge a fee: 20 USD for the first 500 USD, 10% between 500.01 USD and 10,000 USD, and 5% if it exceeds 10,000 USD.

10. Field Agent

How to Earn Money from Apps Without Investment

All you need is a smartphone in cooperation with Field Agent, where you will become a mystery customer and conduct market research and audits in stores near you. Download the app and register as an agent, you will receive quick training before the task arrives.

You can choose the range you can drive, from three miles to 30 miles. You will get tasks such as shopping in a store and reporting customer service, finding UPC labels on products, and conducting in-store surveys.

Remuneration for work is between US$3 and US$15, and it takes a few minutes to half an hour. When you choose “cash out”, you will be paid directly.

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