How to Convert Word to PDF on PC and Mobile

In this web world, everything is taking a digital shape. The documents that used to be stored in files are now generated and kept within digital devices. The two popular document formats, Word and PDF, are widely used all over the globe. You may know how easy it is to create a file from scratch in Word, but the problem arises when the file needs to be shared with recipients, as the formatting and alignment issues are common with this file format. To eliminate this issue, people rely on PDF, a universal format that keeps your data in the same form, regardless of the device used to access it. However, creating a file in PDF isn’t easy for the users. In this hassle, you must be eager to find ways to convert Word to PDF so that you can easily create and share files.

How to Convert Word to PDF on PC and Mobile

Here you’ll find the easiest methods to carry out this conversion on PC and mobile both.

Ways to Convert Word to PDF on PC

Below are discussed different ways to convert files doc to PDF.


Save File as PDF in Word

Desktop users can make their life easy and convert any Word file into PDF with the help of Microsoft Word software. This facility is usually installed on all desktop devices. If not, you’ll need to get the Microsoft Office program and run it on your desktop. After that, you need to open the Word file you wish to convert into PDF on your desktop. Once you have accessed the Word document, you need to click on the file button and hit the “Save as” option. As you click on it, a window will open to choose your desired location where you want to save the file. Here, you will see the save as type option that you need to click. Upon clicking it, several file format options will appear from which you can choose the PDF format.


Get Assistance from an Online Tool

If you don’t wish to get into the hassle of downloading a software program to convert  Word files into PDF, you can use an online Docx to PDF converter. This tool is entirely web-based; hence it is available for both PC and Mobile users. No matter your device, you can simply access this tool through the web browser and convert your files from Word to PDF. All you need to have is a stable internet connection. Converting a Word file to PDF through this method is quite easy, as you just need to upload the Word file you wish to convert into PDF. Depending on your tool, you can either upload the file from your device or import it from cloud storage. The easy usability of this method makes it a top choice for both PC and mobile users. You don’t need to worry about facing any restrictions, as this free doc to PDF converter allows you to convert as many files as you desire.


 Use Google Drive

Another great way to convert a Word document into PDF is using Google Drive. It is also a straightforward method with no involvement of convoluted procedures. You can easily use this method of converting Word to PDF by simply having a Google Drive account. On this cloud storage, you must upload the file you want to convert into PDF. Once the file is uploaded, you need to access it through Google Docs. As your file will open in a new tab, you’ll see a file option where you will find the download button. Here, you can choose the desired format as PDF and get your file converted into this format instantaneously. However, it’s a lengthy procedure compared to an online Word to PDF converter. With this method, you don’t need to install any software program for converting files, as Google Drive can be easily accessed over the web on a PC.


Download a Word to PDF App on Mobile

This option is for mobile users who wish to have an application for getting this conversion done. This method is quick and easy, as you just need to install the Word to PDF converter app on your mobile device. The Android and iOS users can find a relevant app from Play Store and App Store, respectively. Some apps may ask you to go through the registration process hassle. But it would work in your advantage, as all your conversions can be accessed within your account. A Doc to PDF application may ask you to subscribe to its premium package to conduct limitless conversions. So, it’s up to you which app you want to use.

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