Boruto Chapter 80

Boruto Chapter 80 Release Date, Spoiler, RAW Scan

The last Chapter 79 of Boruto has given us a lot of room to think about what next in Boruto Chapter 80. “It has already started” This statement from Momoshiki makes me think, What has started? Is it the beginning of new Ninja War? Well, that is far away. What is more interesting is Mitsuki revelling is true self, which has turned the excitement of Boruto Chapter 80 to the next level.

Eida has now switched the position of Kawaki and Boruto. Now everyone thinks like Kawaki as Boruto and vice versa. The only one to not get affected is, Boruto and Sarada. How will Boruto Come out of that situation? Boruto Chapter 80 is going to be about reversing Eida Chakra. So, let us talk about Boruto Chapter 80 Release date and expected spoiler.

Boruto Chapter 80 Release Date

The wait for Boruto Chapter 80 is long. It is official that Boruto Chapter 80 will release on 20th April 2023. The reason for delay is not yet shared but it is expected that this chapter is going to be long.

Boruto Chapter 80 Spoiler

There is a lot to discuss here in the Spoiler. First is what is will happen to Boruto? What is Eida “Omnipotence”? We will have everything in the next chapter of the Boruto series. Now, First thing first, is Sarada is not affected, what about Sasuke. If you have read and watched Boruto Chapter 79 closely, the you will notice in the first page itself that Sasuke has already predicated the situation.

Sauske already Knew that Boruto is talking to Momoshiki and there is something. Even after Eida’s Jutsu when Shikamaru informs everyone about Kawaki’s position, Sasuke goes to Boruto. This gives us a hint that Sasuke is going to Save Boruto from Mitsuki and Momoshiki.

Well, Sarada had already tied to stop Mitsuki, but as per him now Boruto is the one made the 7th Hokage disappeared. There is huge possibility that we will have to see Boruto escaping the Leaf Village as everyone is against him now. Will Sasuke hep him to escape along with Sarada? That is something we will get to now.

Now everyone think Kawaki as Naruto’s son. In this chapter we will get to know more about and her ability. Momoshiki clearly said this is the power that only God posses.

Summing up to the Spoiler, we will see some action between Boruto and Kawaki. Sasuke will most probably save Boruto. What do you think will happen in Boruto Chapter 80? Let us know in the comment below.

When Will Boruto Chapter 80 Raw Scan Be Available?

The Raw Scan of Boruto Chapter 80 will be available around 18th April 2022. Before that it won’t be available. We will keep an eye on the War scan of Chapter 80.

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