Bom Radar Gympie

Bom Radar Gympie

Bom Radar Gympie

Bom Radar Gympie’s weather forecast is accessible in numerous unique versions, all displayed certainly and really on the Weather Bom Radar Gympie page. In the quick term, we have records primarily based on a single weather model that gives Bom Radar Gympie a high-quality forecast. In the long run, our forecast for the next two weeks is based totally on an analysis of many extraordinary feasible forecast outcomes, which no longer only gives you a concept of ​​what is most likely to happen, but the forecast is up to date in the future as we get nearer How will exchange on any given date.

If the variety of viable results is narrow, you can have excessive self-belief in the prediction. If the range is wide, you understand there is greater uncertainty and do not put too a whole lot of belief in any one feasible forecast. We have different products in some other places on our site, such as Meteograms and Forecast XL, giving you extra alternatives for calculating Gympie’s forecasts.

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Bom Radar Gympie

Bom Radar Gympie Weather

The Bom Radar Gympie is located 343m at the summit of Mt Kanighan, 26km north of Gympie, and offers a proper view of any precipitation that may additionally fall inside its coverage. This extends east to east from Fraser Island, down to the Brisbane area in the south, west to about Totoro, and north to Miriam Valley. This radar seems to provide a realistic interpretation of the weather experienced inside its coverage area.

Bom Radar Gympie

About Gympie (Mt Kanigan) Radar

Geographical location

The Bom Radar Gympie is located on top of a remote hill about 27 kilometers northwest of Gympie and about two kilometers west of the Bruce Highway close to Glenwood. The Great Dividing Range is positioned about forty kilometers west of the radar, extending from NNW to SSE. Bom Radar Gympie may want to see the coastal undeniable from the city of 1770 in NNW to Benleigh, southeast of Brisbane. The Great Dividing Range reduces views to the west only slightly, with right insurance extending inland to Monto, Chinchilla, Dalby, and Toowoomba.

Weather conditions

A vulnerable trough is positioned in the northern and central interior, whilst excessive places are located in. The South Coral Sea extends a vulnerable ridge in eastern Queensland. Any other trough. It will head east via west and south Queensland the day after today to reach
The eastern place will be stagnant for a few days early next week. a coastal. In response, there ought to be a trough or trough close to the east coast mid to late next week to the drawing near the higher tank system.


The Bom Radar Gympie is ideally located to provide weather coverage along the coast between Gladstone and Brisbane and the adjoining hinterland. Tropical cyclones can be correctly tracked for the duration of the summer as they strategy the coast or rain depressions from the northern interior. Likewise, thunderstorms that shape over the Great Dividing Range can be monitored and tracked.

Non-meteorological aspects

The processing of the radar signal eliminates most, however now not all, ground clutter reflections from hills, buildings, and different stationary solid objects. This normally appears as small patches of every so often strongly reflecting reflections, generally close to the Bom Radar Gympie and excessive ground inside the radar’s field of view. In the presence of large inversions, these may additionally become greater frequent, or be seen farther from the radar. Strong winds can additionally enlarge ground litter on the mountain due to moving trees.

Large container ships might also additionally appear from time to time. During robust winds, sea clutter in the waters around southern Fraser Island can be noticeable, both in the open ocean or in the waters between the island and the mainland. Sea clutter can be unique from rain echo due to the fact it does now not pass with the wind and stops all at once on the shoreline.

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