Bidvertizer Ad Network Review 2021

Bidvertizer Ad Network Review 2021

The Bidvertizer ad network, which has been around since 2008, began as one of AdSense’s key competitors in the PPC advertising market and has since grown to become one of the most common partners for small- to mid-size websites.
It operates for the most popular forms of advertising, such as popunders, pop-ups, and banners. There are no specific content standards for websites, and there are no traffic restrictions. The network accepts a variety of payment mechanisms and integrates payment models (CPA, CPM, and CPC) to help publishers maximise their revenue. It’s also possible because of the competitive bidding process.

Ad types

Popunders, banners

Offer types


Traffic types

Desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Targeting Options

BidVertizer lacks functionality when it comes to targeting options. Depending on the type of content on the website, the advertisements are not very well tailored. You still have the option of selecting a target country/location, ad category, and a bid amount for each ad click. Other options for targeting include:
  • Device;
  • Browser;
  • ISP;
  • Carrier;
  • User-agent;
  • Dayparting.

Payment Rules

Bidvertizer accepts monthly withdrawals through PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfer, and search. There are no penalties associated with withdrawals. PayPal has a $10 minimum payout cap, while bank transfers and checks have a $100 minimum payout limit.

Payment Methods

Bidvertizer accepts PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfer, and check payments. Please keep in mind that Bidvertizer is not responsible for mistakes made by users who have the incorrect Bitcoin wallet address: always double-check the address because cryptocurrency payments are non-reversible.
The payment mechanisms have their own commissions, despite the fact that Bidvertiser does not charge a withdrawal fee:
1: A commission of 3-5 percent of the transaction sum is charged by PayPal.
2: Wire transfer and verification. A bank can charge a withdrawal commission if you make another withdrawal. The fees paid by a user’s local bank must be determined.
3: The cost of Bitcoin varies depending on network availability and industry, but it usually ranges from $0.20 to $0.30.


The customer service centre for Bidvertizer is based in the United Kingdom. Customers’ inquiries are responded to in less than 24 hours. You can reach out to customer service by submitting a ticket via the official website.
There’s also a large knowledge base for marketers and publishers: the articles walk users through the process of creating and customising advertisements, among other things.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes

BidVertizer recently began accepting adult content websites, but it operates independently from the non-adult (regular) network. Adult website owners must contact the customer support department for more details. Publishers with mainstream traffic websites may apply for the programme directly.

Bidvertizer leaves the right not to accept a website that:

1: contains, promotes, or links to violent or sexually explicit material;
2: advances, depicts, or is associated with content that promotes or defines segregation based on race, gender, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or age;
3: contains illegal content, including but not limited to documents that could infringe on another’s intellectual property rights or links to a site that contains such material; contains information about illegal activity and criminal behaviour; or for some other reason deemed inappropriate by their team.

Referral Program

Users will enter Bidvertizer’s affiliate network. When a new consumer signs up as an advertiser and spends their first $10, a client who refers an advertiser will receive a $5 credit. When the same person spends $50, the referrer receives an additional $20 bonus.
Bidvertizer credits the referrer $10 when a referred customer signs up as a publisher and receives their first $10. Bidvertizer pays an additional $40 when the same publisher receives $50.


  • The minimum payout limit is as low as $10.
  • The self-service platform is available.


  • Only the Net30 system is supported.

Click here to register and login to Bidvertizer ad network.

Final thoughts

If you have a small website and want to branch out from AdSense, Bidvertizer is a good place to start. Especially if you’re aiming for Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries (the popunder CPM for these regions is pretty competitive). Bidvertizer would be a good option for beginners due to its low payout cap. However, for well-established websites and publishers that value user experience, this ad network is not recommended: the ad form is not always linked to the website content, resulting in a lower number of clicks per view.

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